Friday, December 31, 2010

Buttons Up- Button Drive

                                                     "Give It While It's Hot"

"Buttons Up"

We at Block Runway are collecting new and old vintage buttons including old costume jewelry pieces for a great cause. Your buttons will go towards making unique upcycled accessories and toys that will be sold to help build a Community Based Organization that will help empower a Community. Project "Buttons Up" is geared towards buttoning up on crime, poverty, and teens and individuals who are at risk. So see how far you buttons will go and put a button on it!  All button donator's will recieve community recognition and an award will go to the person who donates the most buttons by 
May 8, 2011.

So please spread the word and collect and give a button today. You may contact us to find a local button bin today:
Email your inquiries to the attention of "Buttons Up" at: