Saturday, October 10, 2009

Block Runway Features "The Flip"

   "Get It While It's Hot"

      Block Runway features
The Flip-A Convertible Shrug Dress

Now I 'fave' this piece for it's one piece with many possibilities. Every girl should have this apart of their fall wardrobe collection, so ladies get it while it's hot. I simply love designer Lauren Urstadt of New York. She invented this look and has ripped the "Block Runway" with many of her collective pieces.

From the Designer,

 "The Flip", is a unique hand knit item which had to be Patented because of so many other designers checking this out.This item is not only an accessory that can be worn as a shrug, or hood, or simply a cowl neck-but if flipped upside down, you can wear it as a dress! Yes, a dress.....see all the images on how to
wear it and the image of our press we got in Lucky Mag.

Once again, another unique product created on one of those creative and wild nights in the home of Lulu and Shash!

Sizes avail: Small/ Med, and Med/ Large. May I recommend that if you are tall and want to wear as a dress, please go for the med/large, because there is more length to this one.

Purchase yours today ar:

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